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Speculative Miscellany

Halloween, Movies and My New Favorite DnD Tool

Today I’ll talk about our incredible Halloween decorations, a couple movies I saw and a new-to-me DnD tool that I may be a little addicted to. Welp, it happened again. Remember how before, one line above, I said something about “incredible” Halloween decorations? Yeah, that was sarcasm. We didn’t decorate …

‘Tis the Season for Scary Shit

I said life is crazy. Here’s how crazy. I have a kid that’s 25. TWENTY-FIVE!

The Slide Toward Our Cyberpunk Future

The end is nigh. Okay, not really the end. In fact, not the end at all. More like the beginning… of a very dark time. A dark, cyberpunk reality.  A second dark ages, if you will. This post is not really intended to be political, but I expect it will …

The Boys: An Education in Violence

I feel like comic book universes have always been kind of the red-headed step-child of Science Fiction. Well, until The Boys happened. The mainstreaming of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC’s movies and all the current comic book TV shows has definitely made these kinds of stories much more common and …

Foods I won’t eat, even for science

So, one of the things I see very common for blogs is to do a top ten list. So, I thought I’d give that a shot by listing the top ten foods that I won’t even try. Here’s the problem… I couldn’t find that many. The truth is, I’m a …

Relieve Your Stress with a Lovely Cruise at the End of the World

It’s been a shitty day full of stress, it’s time to say “fuck it,” and jump head-long into the apocalypse and live the rest of my life on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Or, maybe I’ll focus on surviving in the zombie apocalypse in rural Arizona. Life …

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