Hey, guess what? I write stuff!

Here’s a list of books I’ve either written or my works have appeared in.

Scarlet Angel

Scarlet Angel

When a suppressed memory resurfaces and sets Scarlett on a mission to find a life she’d long forgotten, she is sucked into the dark underworld of corporate espionage, organized crime, and hired killers. For Scarlett, protecting her friends and family is just as important as just staying alive. She’ll also have to reinvent herself in order to keep from becoming the exactly kind of monster she’s trying to stop. In the end, she may discover that her past could very well destroy her future.

The Bite Anthology: Book 1

I have one short story in this collection.

The Bite Anthology is short fiction with teeth! For our first book, we’ve gathered a group of talented writers determined to make you think. Or laugh. Or cry. We don’t much care what they do, as long the stories sink their teeth in.

My piece in this is titled The Clockwork Highwayman, and is a steampunkish take on an old folk tale.

Twisted History (Anthology)

I have one short story in this collection.

Why did Napoleon and Robert E. Lee suddenly abandon their principles of maneuver causing them to lose in frontal assaults at Waterloo and Gettysburg? What if Eva Braun was not just the innocent young girlfriend? What monster did Truman and J. Edgar Hoover keep from the public? What if Shakespeare knew about golf and Plato had a sick sense of humor? All these questions and more are explored in Twisted History: An Alternative History Anthology. Written by rising stars in the literary world, enjoy their unique takes on what could have been.

Twisted Nightmares (Anthology)

I have two short stories in this collection.

Twisted Nightmares is a collection of horror stories selected from submissions by many different authors. As with Twisted History, some stories are written by traditional horror writers while others are written by authors of other genres, giving a “twist” to the subject. The mix of authors should keep you guessing and present you with a smorgasbord of deadly, scary and creepy stories.