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Cyberpunk Future

The Slide Toward Our Cyberpunk Future

The end is nigh. Okay, not really the end. In fact, not the end at all. More like the beginning… of a very dark time. A dark, cyberpunk reality.  A ...
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The Boys on Amazon Prime Video

The Boys: An Education in Violence

I feel like comic book universes have always been kind of the red-headed step-child of Science Fiction. Well, until The Boys happened. The mainstreaming of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC’s ...
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Jack and the Kraken

Foods I won’t eat, even for science

So, one of the things I see very common for blogs is to do a top ten list. So, I thought I’d give that a shot by listing the top ...
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7 Days to Die

Relieve Your Stress with a Lovely Cruise at the End of the World

It’s been a shitty day full of stress, it’s time to say “fuck it,” and jump head-long into the apocalypse and live the rest of my life on a raft ...
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The Llahe by Flora Silve

Spec-Art Spotlight: Flora Silve

Welcome back to our next edition of SpecArt Spotlight, with today's guest as Flora "Grise" Silve. Flora is a fantastic artist that I've worked with before. She was gracious enough ...
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Frikin' Science Bitches!

Fickle Science or Can I have my damn steak or not?

Sometimes, science is a fickle bitch. Okay, that’s not really true. Science is just fine. It’s steady and consistent. Science only ever really changes when you find yourself in weird ...
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Hey man, want some of this good stuff?

The Mysterious, Marvelous, Mighty Pepperoni Rolls

Come with me... and you'll be... in a world of pure imagination. Take a look... and you'll see... Pepperoni Rolls for your mastication. Ahem... that was weird. Recently I wrote ...
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Everyday Life of Cyberpunk Cities (1), by Niklas Nebelsieck

Spec-Art Spotlight: Niklas Nebelsieck

So... Happy New Year! Seems appropriate to me that my first post of 2020 would be a SpecArt Spotlight. Today, I'm bringing you a great artist straight from Berlin, Germany ...
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Kolacke Kolache side by side

Coming Clean with Kolaches

My whole life is a lie. Okay, let me get a hold of myself here. I need to vent this out.  Holy shit. Years ago, before my grandmother passed, she ...
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Car chase from Duel movie

The Demon-Children of the 73rd Level of Hell on our Highways!

Okay, so I’ve spent most of my life not being particularly religious. We didn’t really say grace before meals when I was growing up and I’ve only been to church ...
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