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‘Tis the Season for Scary Shit

‘Tis the Season for Scary Shit


Jack in the Box short: Feeding Time.
Free Tacos? Hell Yeah!

Life’s pretty fucking crazy. And by crazy I mean like a psycho-killer running around with a hammer, smashing people in their grapes. And damn to I have a headache.

Seriously though, it has been a minute or so, yeah? Yeah. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I had anything to say here. Now, I’m still not sure I have a lot to say at the moment, but one thing I’ve learned from writing fiction is that the more you do it, the more you WANT to do it and the more “addicted” you get to doing it. And, as I said, while I may not have too much to say at the moment, I will soon.


First… Remember how just two paragraphs up I said life is crazy. Here’s how crazy. I have a kid that’s 25. TWENTY-FIVE! Like, Holy Shit! What the hell happened? This is the second time I’ve had this issue… My daughter is 27. Still…I have three questions… How in the Hell do I have a 25-YO child? How am I even old enough to have a 25-YO kid…? And lastly… Who decided it was a good idea for me to HAVE a 25-YO kid, much less any child at all.

The answer, at least to the last one, is apparently myself. I expect most parents feel this way, but damn it was a bad idea for me to have kids. I have to feel bad for how much they’re gonna be fucked up because of me. I’d like to think I’ve done my best, but as I look back, sometimes I wonder. 

Don’t get me wrong… My kids are great. They’re largely well adjusted, kind and smart people. Sometimes they even make me a little jealous at how they are often better than I was at that age. Even sometimes better than I am now. 

Forward March…

Do you like horror? Or scary stuff at all? Now, I don’t necessarily mean stuff like The Hills Have Eyes or The Nun. But even campy scary stuff. If so, then you have to check out Jack in the Box’s Feeding Time… what, short film? Film commercial? Filmmercial? Anyway, you can find it below. And, other than one little “But why?” moment, it’s pretty damn great.

I haven’t watched a lot of TV, except for the three episodes of Picard in my lame attempt to finish that show. We’re in the middle of the second season. Yes, this season was pretty well panned by a lot of people, and I can understand. I don’t DISlike it, but I can see the issues. It’s a slightly different take on the whole alt-universe trope that ST uses rather frequently, this time wrapped in the cloak of time travel. The latter, I could use a little less of in ST, personally. 

Column Right. March.

I’ve also been listening to a couple Podcasts. As a note, prior to this, my use of podcasts was limited to some short story shows, Clarkesworld and Escape Pod, and a couple true-crime shows that the Mrs. used to listen to (can’t remember the names). But now, I’ve really taken to Star Talk and Factually, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Adam Conover, respectively. Both of these shows are interesting and often pretty funny. They are very educational, but only if you really want to dig into some weird shit. Hard core science for Star Talk and just about anything with Factually.

Oh, and another thing… While it’s been a VERY long time, I’m finally back to playing Dungeons and Dragons. The last time I played was 2nd Edition Advanced. So far, we’ve had a few sessions, though I’m still getting used to 5E. While a lot of it is the same or very similar, some of the rules are a bit different. I do think most of the changes are better, even if they take some getting used to. I have to admit though, I miss my THAC0. It was a pain in the ass to explain and sometimes use, but I do miss that obnoxious little mechanic.

And finally… I’m not going to say much about my last topic, except to say that I’m working on something. Something I hope will be big. There are a few people involved. So far, the reactions have been extremely positive. Beyond that, I’ll simply leave you with this one, tiny teaser image…

Dice. Lots of 12-sided dice.

Have fun and remember… Never be afraid of being weird. Weird is good. 

Company, halt! Dismissed.

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