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‘Tis the Season for Scary Shit

I said life is crazy. Here’s how crazy. I have a kid that’s 25. TWENTY-FIVE!


It’s been more than a week since I recorded what I’ve found. Not that it matters, since I haven’t really found anything.  Except more dust and crumbling posts. It’s like something wiped out everyone here. An apocalypse. No, an A-blogalypse. Oh dear. That was not good. I’m starting to make …


It’s been another week and I still haven’t found anyone. There’s a strange sense of being watched. Every so often I feel one or two people watching from the shadows between the posts. I woke up the other day thinking I heard that woman sobbing again, but just like before …

50 Days

It’s been 50 days since anything came out on the blog. It’s kind of like a ghost town here. The streets are empty and there’s a thin layer of dust on everything.

Solo’s Fatal Flaw

When it comes to any big fandom movie in general, everyone seems to have an opinion, but with Star Wars, the “old school” fans can get even more contentious. And, since I remember seeing most of the original trilogy in the theaters, I guess that makes me old school, so …

Once Upon A Time, I Went To See Doctor Strange

For the first time in a long time, I was able to take my birthday off from work. Of course, my birthday was actually on a Saturday, so I took the Friday before off instead. In celebration, my family took me to see Doctor Strange. (Well, my wife and son. …