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It’s been another week and I still haven’t found anyone. There’s a strange sense of being watched. Every so often I feel one or two people watching from the shadows between the posts. I woke up the other day thinking I heard that woman sobbing again, but just like before there’s no one here.

Strolling up and down the pages, I yell out until my voice is scratched away to nothing. Every day there’s no response. I’d like to say I’ve gotten used to the loneliness, but it still gets to me sometimes. I’ve taken to going back to some of my old haunts. (Ha! Ironic choice of words I suppose.) Some of the posts were pretty good, others, meh.

Oh, I did see a pair of footsteps in the dust yesterday. Not sure if they’re mine or someone else’s. Tried to follow them, but I lost the trail in the Twitterstream.

Oh well. I suppose it gives me a little hope that this place is not completely devoid of life.

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