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It’s been more than a week since I recorded what I’ve found. Not that it matters, since I haven’t really found anything.  Except more dust and crumbling posts. It’s like something wiped out everyone here. An apocalypse. No, an A-blogalypse.

Oh dear. That was not good. I’m starting to make bad word-puns. Well, what else can be expected? Does that explain the laughing I heard yesterday? It wasn’t the woman from before, the one who was sobbing. This was… I don’t know, a different woman. When I went to look in on one post, she laughed. She kept laughing until I left that one and moved on. I was going to search the whole post for her, but it creeped me out too much.

Found more footprints too, but these just led in a perfect circle around an empty draft post. No footprints led up to it or away, just the ones in the circle.

There’s a constant whine now too, like high pitched air whistling. It’s not coming from anywhere in specific. I hear it in my dreams like a dentists drill sneaking up on me.

Some of the structures have started to crumble. Paint’s peeling, keywords tarnishing. All of the organic growth grass is brown and crunches under my feet, long since dead. Only one tree seems to survive this abandoned place. Despite the deteriorating world around me, the Google crawler-bot tree still has some green. I try to feed it with words whenever I can, but I doubt it’s enough. Soon, that too will die, I think.

Anyway, onward in my search for content. Maybe I’ll find some morsel of literary nutrition.

I need something.


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