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*Archive* Pre-Crime: The Science Fact-ion of Minority Report

 Crime. The social aspects of it, the repercussions from it and the simple fear of it are major factors in people’s lives. Local politicians like to talk about how they’ll ...
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*Archive* Science Fact-ion: Powered Exosuits

Ironman. The load lifter from Aliens.  The combat jackets from Edge of Tomorrow.  The exoskeleton from Elysium. Powered exoskeleton suits are speckled all across science fiction. And that's just Hollywood ...
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*Archive* Science Fact-ion: Human Popscicles, a.k.a. Cryonics

Cryosleep, cryonics, cryogenics, space sleep... whatever you call it, freezing people for later reanimation has been a staple of science fiction for... forever. From Star Wars to Star Trek to ...
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When the bad guy wins

I’m something of a traditionalist, I like it when the good guys win. Sure, sometimes I like rooting for the anti-hero or the bad-guy-gone-good. I usually like the guy who ...
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*Archive* Science Fact-ion: The Tricorder

With the recent passing of television and scifi legend Leonard Nimoy, I wanted to post something as a tribute. But, in some ways, I feel like the Internet has provided ...
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