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Hidden Temple by Beste Erel

Spec-Art Spotlight: Beste Erel

I'm a little late in posting this. You can thank our American turkey-eating holiday, Thanksgiving. Anyway, here we go, into another SpecArt Spotlight! This time we're talking with Beste Erel, ...
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Fake Poop?

The Slippery Slope of Poopy Science

Science is cool. Few things in this world make me happier than reading about some new discover and saying “Fuck yeah, science!” So when I found this article at ...
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The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian…or The Not-Boba-Fett Show

Evil Fire Breathing Dragon Lady and I have been in a bit of a disagreement lately concerning the launch of Disney+, and by extension, the Mandalorian. Given that the new ...
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Trick or Treat, Bitches.

Some of this post was originally intended for last Friday’s F#@k-It Friday. However… Trick or treat! I guess it's a trick, because my ass was too busy (read lazy) to ...
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Tacos… and My Alien Son

I’m starting to think that my son might be adopted.  Sure, it’s a little late to come to this conclusion since he’s an adult, but… He can’t possibly be mine ...
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F#@K It! Friday: Random Stuff for 10-25-2019

It’s Friday, so I’m kind of saying Fuck It. Here’s some random shit I found on the Interwebs. So, this was a cool thing I saw at work today. Coworkers ...
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Flower in the Mud, by Jasper Zhao

Spec-Art Spotlight: Jasper Zhao

As I've said before, I'm a big fan of scifi and fantasy digital art. So, to kind of indulge myself and show off some of the really cool stuff I ...
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Me and My Tattoo: Popping the Cherry

Continuing from last week… Here we are. It’s Friday. Time for Evil Fire Breathing Dragon Lady and I to have our respective delicate fleshes repeatedly jabbed and poked and carved ...
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“Something happened.……”, by Jasper Zhao

Stormy Night, A 20TweetTales Noir Story

Wrote this 20TweetTales piece a few months ago, just forgot to share it here. Stormy Night continues a bit on my Noir theme, though this one is has a bit ...
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Me and My Tattoo: a Match Made in Hesitancy

I blame my kids for a lot of shit. I mean, they’ve taken so much from me. Time… money… okay, mostly time and money, but these are legit things. If ...
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