I am the Sneezasaurus Rex, coo coo Ahh-CHOO

Screw allergies. When I go to the doctor and they ask “Do you have any allergies?”, I have to clamp my mouth shut. In my head, I scream, “YOU’RE GODDAMN RIGHT I HAVE ALLERGIES, I SNEEZE MY GODDAMNED HEAD OFF BECAUSE OF DUST AND OLIVE TREE POLLEN!” But I don’t say that because they’re not […]

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NerdArt Roundup! April 5, 2017

Looks like I’m moving to an every-other-week thing for the NerdArt Roundup. I’m okay with that, I think. One regular post per week, then either a flash fiction or a NerdArt RoundUp! Anyway, had most of these picked out already, but one was apparently deleted. Found a really cool one to replace it, so I’m […]

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Time Wounds All Heals

“Time.” “Time wounds all heals.“ For those who don’t know, that’s a quote from Farscape, one of my most-favoritest shows ever. The main character, John Crichton, says it to a multi-dimensional time-traveling being, nicknamed Einstein, right in the middle of figuring out that he could theoretically use wormholes to travel to, not just different places […]

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FlashFic: On The Blink

I wrote the initial concept for this during a writers’ meeting a few years ago. The prompt was “Well, this is embarrassing.” We were instructed to think on that sentence for two minutes then write for two minutes. What I wrote was amusing enough to me, that I had to come back to it and […]

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SpecMisc on Twitter

24 hours ago
RT @io9: Harvard a cappella group honors John Williams with medley of his best scores.
https://t.co/1ykM9R6eIm https://t.co/lgrYH8A2rv
WriterWilke photo
1 day ago
Friend's kid is doing a ukelalie version of system of a Down's Chop Suey! And it's awesome.


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