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The Slide Toward Our Cyberpunk Future

The end is nigh. Okay, not really the end. In fact, not the end at all. More like the beginning… of a very dark time. A dark, cyberpunk reality.  A second dark ages, if you will. This post is not really intended to be political, but I expect it will …

Spec-Art Spotlight: Niklas Nebelsieck

So… Happy New Year! Seems appropriate to me that my first post of 2020 would be a SpecArt Spotlight. Today, I’m bringing you a great artist straight from Berlin, Germany by the name of Niklas Nebelsieck. As a young artist, Niklas is already on his second career, and from the …

Clarice, A 20TweetTales SciFi Noir Story

Cyberpunk has always been part futuretech scifi and part hardboiled noir, which is probably why I like things like Blade Runner and Johnny Mnemonic so much. TBH, I need to read more of that. But in the mean time, I think this quick little #20TweetTales story based on Eddie Conway’s …

A Database of Everyone

Dystopian Cyberpunk futures are built on data, how data is used and manipulated and stolen. But what if that data is the very essence of who you are?

To Neural Implant or Not To Neural Implant… That is the Question

Brain implants are a staple of science fiction, especially cyberpunk fiction like Neuromancer, Johnny Mnemonic, and The Matrix. Personally, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of computer-brain interfaces since I was a kid. I remember seeing a clip from an old TV show—I think it was Ripley’s Believe it or …

FlashFic: Desperation

This week’s Flash Fiction is inspired by concept artist Jiwook Lee’s Busted.