Panic at the Death Star

Rogue One. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard every complaint about it. About Darth Vader’s rapid mobility decline from Rogue One to A New Hope. About the not-quite-perfect human CGI characters. About the over-intensity in Rogue One vs. the somewhat prosaic style of A New Hope.There’s even an article out there about Hollywood’s speciesism problem. I’m not […]

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Hurley’s Revolution

I just finished Kameron Hurley’s The Geek Feminist Revolution (TGFR). Like, just this morning I pulled into work as the last sixty seconds of the epilogue ran out on the audio book. It’s now lunch time, so I’m taking a few minutes to put my thoughts down. And I feel like I have a lot […]

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NerdArt Roundup! March 17, 2017

I skipped last week. Yeah, sorry about that. I’m going through some things in what I want to do here. Also, life kind of got busy for a while. But here’s this week. Two-Thirds of the people in my house are on Spring Break. That means life has eased up a bit. I even meant […]

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Weekly NerdArt Picks | 3-3-2017

Time for another Weekly NerdArt Picks! I’ve realized that I’m shifting later in the week. Not necessarily because I’ve wanted too, rather work has been busy. I shouldn’t expect that to change, so maybe doing this later in the week isn’t so bad.   Science Fiction Pick of the Week: This week’s Scifi NerdArt of […]

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SpecMisc on Twitter

23 hours ago
RT @io9: Harvard a cappella group honors John Williams with medley of his best scores.
WriterWilke photo
1 day ago
Friend's kid is doing a ukelalie version of system of a Down's Chop Suey! And it's awesome.


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