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The Mandalorian…or The Not-Boba-Fett Show

So the first episode/chapter of The Mandalorian is out on the new Disney+. Does it have a true Star Wars feel? Does it do the franchise justice?

Stuck in a Tin Can in Deep Space

One of the most iconic phrases in Science Fiction is Star Trek’s original opening line, “Space, the final frontier.” Space may be the final frontier, but first, we have to be able to survive the cold vacuum of vast open nothingness that makes up the unimaginable distance between our solar …

In the Pitch Black of space, only Oobleck can save you

As a fan of science fiction and a wanna-be futurist, I like to think that someday in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future we will send out a spaceship designed to slowly carry colonists across the vast, empty stretches of interstellar space to a new world. This trip will likely take years, maybe a …

Pawns is a Slow, Enjoyable Burn With an Engaging Pace

Some books are fast-paced romps; some are even-paced, methodical grippers; and some are just boring. While Pawns, book 1 of Patrick Hodges’ Wielders of Arantha series is not a rollercoaster-ride of a tale, it’s anything but boring. I suppose, to put it into words, it’s a slow burn that builds …