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What Avengers: Endgame has to say about storytelling (and life)

I REALLY wanted to go see Avengers: Endgame on opening weekend. So badly I could taste it. So several days before the premier, I searched the whole of my favorite theater for the necessary block of seats for my family. Alas, it did not happen. As the captain of a …

2018 is the year of the SciFi Behemoths

I don’t think I’m really overstating it here. I mean c’mon. We’ve already had two of the largest science fiction (and yes, I consider comic book movies to be science fiction) movies this year. Black Panther, Deadpool 2 and Infinity War have all broken records. Deadpool 2 broke the opening …

The Beginning of the End is Here, Well, at Least the Trailer Is

Just finished watching this… whew. To be honest I… No, wait. You go watch it. Then I’ll write.     Okay, done? As I said… whew! If there’s one thing that Marvel has damn-near perfected it is the drama of the trailer. I mean, here we are six months from …

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