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Relieve Your Stress with a Lovely Cruise at the End of the World

It’s been a shitty day full of stress, it’s time to say “fuck it,” and jump head-long into the apocalypse and live the rest of my life on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Or, maybe I’ll focus on surviving in the zombie apocalypse in rural Arizona. Life …

Me and My Tattoo: Popping the Cherry

Here we are. It’s Friday. Time for Evil Fire Breathing Dragon Lady and I to have our respective delicate fleshes repeatedly jabbed and poked and carved with a foreign, chromatic substance that will irrevocably incise our epidermises with the branding of an entertainment franchise. AKA… get our video game tattoos.

Exploring the Galaxy, 8-bits at a Time

What do you get when you combine a love for science fiction, a nearly endlessly explorable galaxy and a nostalgic love of old video games? My wife and I playing countless hours of Starbound, that’s what. “But … but … what is this “Starbound” of which you speak?” you ask. …

When the bad guy wins

I’m something of a traditionalist, I like it when the good guys win. Sure, sometimes I like rooting for the anti-hero or the bad-guy-gone-good. I usually like the guy who hangs on the edge of morality between the light and dark. But in the end, I want the winner to …