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The Mandalorian…or The Not-Boba-Fett Show

So the first episode/chapter of The Mandalorian is out on the new Disney+. Does it have a true Star Wars feel? Does it do the franchise justice?

The Great First Step Mystery — Open Space Science

It is now almost exactly one month until the fiftieth anniversary of that “One Small Step”. It is a couple of months since I have posted anything here about it. Life has been rather busy. However, the events of fifty years ago are ever present. Over the last few months we have seen the fiftieth […]

via The Great First Step Mystery — Open Space Science

Quora Question: Do you think we will ever find life outside of Earth?

Finding life other than on Earth is a tricky, and sometimes loaded question. It can depend on whether you just mean living organisms or intelligent life. Opinions on this can also be shaped by people’s individual religious beliefs. Though, these are opinions, and what we’re really concerned about is making …

Space Tourism: A Little Vacay In The Outer Atmo

Are we finally seeing the dawn of the age of space tourism? A little over twenty years ago, the Ansari XPRIZE sent a shot of adrenaline into the virtually nonexistent private space industry. From that first competition, several budding space companies were born, including Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and Blue Origin. …

Freestyle Friday: A Roundup Stuff for 3-22-2019

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Freestyle Friday, so I figured I’d better get back at it.

Freestyle Friday: A Roundup Stuff for 1-4-2019

Here’s another Freestyle Friday post where I share a semi-random smattering of things interesting. I’m going to start with a tiny update on my own shite. I’m gonna give a shot at doing a microfiction tweet every day for the whole year. If nothing else, this will help keep my …