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Freestyle Friday: A Roundup Stuff for 3-22-2019

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Freestyle Friday, so I figured I’d better get back at it.

Freestyle Friday: A Roundup Stuff for 1-4-2019

Here’s another Freestyle Friday post where I share a semi-random smattering of things interesting. I’m going to start with a tiny update on my own shite. I’m gonna give a shot at doing a microfiction tweet every day for the whole year. If nothing else, this will help keep my …

To Neural Implant or Not To Neural Implant… That is the Question

Brain implants are a staple of science fiction, especially cyberpunk fiction like Neuromancer, Johnny Mnemonic, and The Matrix. Personally, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of computer-brain interfaces since I was a kid. I remember seeing a clip from an old TV show—I think it was Ripley’s Believe it or …