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Me in a tie, but don't believe it.
Don’t mind the tie. I don’t usually wear one. You might say that the tie is a lie…

Writer, Reader,technophile, Science Geek, Gamer (Guild Wars 2, Fallout, Starbound, Borderlands, Civilization and many others), All-around geek/nerd, I guess…

I have this thing where I make up stories in my head, sometimes even complete with dialogue. Yes, there are voices, but they don’t usually talk to me. Sometimes it’s more like there’s a movie playing in the back of my mind. So, a few years ago I decided to put those stories down in words.

In a way, I’d always wanted to tell stories. Being a big Dungeons & Dragons nerd from the 90’s, it was kind of ingrained in my geekDNA, you might say. When I finally decided to take the plunge, I knew I needed help. I found a couple local groups of other writers looking to improve their craft with a critique group and joined. That was about six years ago.

Since then I’ve published my first book, Scarlet Angel, been picked up by a small publisher and am nearing the publishing of my second, Scarlet Raven. I’ve had some ups and downs in my writing life, but I would not give this up for anything. I love telling stories, and so long as people enjoy reading them, I’ll keep writing.

Outside of my imaginary worlds, I work in graphic design in my day job. Occasionally, I do a bit of design work on the side, usually for other authors, including book covers and other book support materials. You can see some of my cover work here.

Most importantly, though, I am a husband to my awesome wife and a father to two fantastic, if not incredibly strong-willed kids. I live in the parched, urban desert of Phoenix, Arizona.


If, after all of that nonsense, you want to find something of mind to read… Well, you’ve come to the right place. I write here, on my blog. But I have a few other things too.

Like my books: Scarlet Angel and Scarlet Raven

And my Tyria-based serial for fun over at Chronicles of Tyria.

And, as I said, I have plenty right here on this site as well. Both regular blog posts, where I can sometimes get snarky, and fiction. I’m even doing some interviews with some really cool digital artists!