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Cover/Title Reveal & Writing Updates

Cover/Title Reveal & Writing Updates

I’ve been hedging for a while now about revealing the cover and title for the sequel to Scarlet Angel. But, I think it’s about time now. I still don’t have a specific release date, which I’ll explain a bit more on why later. Regardless, I think things have reached a point where I can’t really hold back any longer.

So, without further ado, I present Scarlet Raven:

So… Whatcha think? Pretty smexy, eh?

Yes, I know, it’s VERY similar to Scarlet Angel. In fact, one might think it’s the same at first glance, but I assure you, it’s not. Here are the covers side by side. See?

And now for some other updates. A large part of why I can’t wait anymore to put these out there, is that my beta copies are officially out! Well, most of them. This is exciting for me. I didn’t do a beta reading phase for SA. Not that I didn’t want to, rather I was in such a hurry to get my first book out in time for Phoenix Comicon, that I rushed things. Of course, that resulted in having some issues with the printed manuscript that I regret now. But, that’s why I’m trying my damnedest to NOT rush this. I want Scarlet Raven to be done right the first time.

As for the official release? As I said, I don’t have a specific date. I’m giving about a month and a half for the beta readers. Then, SR heads to the publisher. If they take another month and a half, then I’m looking at sometime in October. That doesn’t work out too bad for me. Maybe I’ll get a chance to participate in Phoenix FanFest, Phoenix Comicon’s little cousin.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve already started on book 3. Progress on that is going pretty well. I have a good idea what’s going on. My hope is that that book will be done in plenty of time for next year’s Xmas. Maybe even a little sooner if I’m lucky.

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