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Us-A Tale of Two Lupitas

Us is an interesting mind-bender of a film. The moments where Peele lets up are very brief, and act more like a chance for the audience, like the characters, to just catch a breath and get ready for the next wave of chaos.

Weekly NerdArt Picks | 3-3-2017

Time for another Weekly NerdArt Picks! I’ve realized that I’m shifting later in the week. Not necessarily because I’ve wanted too, rather work has been busy. I shouldn’t expect that to change, so maybe doing this later in the week isn’t so bad.   Science Fiction Pick of the Week: …

FlashFic: New Gaea

I really liked this image from last week’s Nerd Art Picks. This one is courtesy of Ivan Malinin over at Art Station. Ivan’s pic instantly inspired me because of the interesting juxtaposition between the nude woman and the science fiction setting. It appeared to me that she’d clearly just woken …