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50 Days

It’s been 50 days since anything came out on the blog. It’s kind of like a ghost town here. The streets are empty and there’s a thin layer of dust on everything.

The Great First Step Mystery — Open Space Science

It is now almost exactly one month until the fiftieth anniversary of that “One Small Step”. It is a couple of months since I have posted anything here about it. Life has been rather busy. However, the events of fifty years ago are ever present. Over the last few months we have seen the fiftieth […]

via The Great First Step Mystery — Open Space Science

Quora Question: Do you think we will ever find life outside of Earth?

Finding life other than on Earth is a tricky, and sometimes loaded question. It can depend on whether you just mean living organisms or intelligent life. Opinions on this can also be shaped by people’s individual religious beliefs. Though, these are opinions, and what we’re really concerned about is making …

Clarice, A 20TweetTales SciFi Noir Story

Cyberpunk has always been part futuretech scifi and part hardboiled noir, which is probably why I like things like Blade Runner and Johnny Mnemonic so much. TBH, I need to read more of that. But in the mean time, I think this quick little #20TweetTales story based on Eddie Conway’s …

John Wick 3 is an Ultraviolent Symphony of Murder

As the title says, John Wick 3: Parabellum is an ultraviolent murderfest. And yes, I absolutely loved it. If you remember, JW2 ended with John being classified Excommunicado by the High Table. Winston, the manager of The Continental, gave him an hour to prepare. Of course, JW3 picks up within …

Courier, A 20TweetTales SciFi Story

Mad Max, Fallout, 12 Monkeys, Escape from New York, and even Cherry 2000… I love post apocalyptic SciFi fiction. That’s why this image from Ivan Khotenov is so cool for me. Titled simply Sk_15, it embodies so much of Mad Max with the semi-futuristic design combined with  the ready-to-destroy mounted …