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Freestyle Friday: A Roundup Stuff for 1-4-2019

Freestyle Friday: A Roundup Stuff for 1-4-2019

Here’s another Freestyle Friday post where I share a semi-random smattering of things interesting.

I’m going to start with a tiny update on my own shite. I’m gonna give a shot at doing a microfiction tweet every day for the whole year. If nothing else, this will help keep my creative juices flowing, so to speak. Also, I find that sometimes these ideas blossom into more later on. I’ll be doing them under the Twitter hashtag #365MicroFic.

Web Comic Highlight:

One of my favorites is Lunarbaboon. This comic is an incredibly on-point look at parenthood, growing older and dealing with the daily issues of life in general. Sometimes it feels weird calling it a comic, because that implies humor, and most of the strips are funny. But, sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they are just fantastic tugs on the heart strings. As is the case with this week’s comic, where the artist (as he often does) delves into depression. This time, though, I think his message can be helpful for anyone who thought 2018 was a particularly hard year.

Lunarbaboon: Abyss


Free Books!

The following books are available on Amazon for free from today through January 8th, courtesy of the publisher Creativia!

This Week’s Science:

Ultima Thule sounds like a level 99 boss on Wolfenstein.

‘Meet Ultima Thule’: 1st Color Photo of New Horizons Target Reveals a Red ‘Snowman’

“Frosty the Snowman, made the scientists laugh and play, ’cause New Horizons found him in the Kuiper Belt, so the Instagram-ed him that day.”
Yeah, don’t ever ask me to do lyrics.

Drinkable ‘cocktail’ stymies Alzheimer’s Disease at its start

I mean, drugs that keep you healthy in cocktail form? Can I get mine in the form of a margarita on the rocks?

Watch this robotic massage therapist in action

I can test this out. I mean, it’s for science’s sake. Right?

One in ten adults in US has food allergy, but nearly one in five think they do


Artificial intelligence turns brain activity into speech

As if having robot overlords isn’t going to be bad enough. Now they’re gonna be mind readers? 




Here are a few pieces of cool #NerdArt that I liked.

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