I Don’t DO New Year’s Resolutions.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t knock people for taking a run at a few New Year’s resolutions. I mean, sure, January 1st is mostly just an arbitrary date, and if you’re going to decide to do something different in your life, it’s probably better to just get started on it as soon as you can, rather than waiting until that date. But hey… If it floats your boat, that’s cool with me.

Still… I think there are somethings that I am going to try to improve upon for the next year.

Around the House

Not my yard, but not far off. More desert and smaller.

I’ve been pretty slack around my own house. Haven’t been keeping up on household maintenance, etc. I mean, I’ve never really been good at it, but the last couple years I’ve been particularly derelict in that duty. (Seriously, much to my wife’s dismay, I’m very reluctantly barely handy at all.) And, now that I have legit medical issues with doing significant physical labors, it will be a tough row to hoe. But I’m definitely going to try to get back to it.  (Seriously, my backyard looks like an Alabaman redneck’s front yard. Only thing I’m missing is an engine-less ‘82 Chevy. Or just the engine block sitting in the dirt.) Again, not a New Year’s resolution… just want to do a little more.


And, by this I don’t just me the crystally white stuff. I also mean simple carbohydrates that are quickly and easily turned into sugar. Trimming back on sugar consumption is always hard, but before the holidays the wife and I had been doing pretty good for a few months. Of course, then came the holidays. Now, we’re out of that and back to it. While I haven’t weighed myself in some time, I do think I lost a few pounds for it. This is not a diet, it’s simply shifting the way we eat A LITTLE. Skip the roll, replace the rice or potatoes at dinner with another veg… little things like that.


I really want to be more dedicated in my writing. Focusing on it, you know? This comes in a couple flavors: Scarlet Phoenix, Eternal Assassin, weekly blog posts, my new 20TweetTales and other Twitter microfiction. Now that I put it down, it looks like a lot. And it is, but I need to do it, though not necessarily in that order.

At first glance, one might consider these to be resolutions, but I assure you, they are not. To me, resolutions are something people say, okay… 2019 is the year I do this. Resolutions are something that people kick the year off with in a near-religiously dogmatic approach that is (for me) not productive. My goals are a little more nebulous than that. I don’t expect that I will always be working around the house. Sometimes, I’ll want and deserve a bit of cheesecake or a Frosty. And sometimes I won’t get as much writing done as I want.

The point is, that these are directions I want to move my life into. These are things about my actual lifestyle that I want to change. If I take a dogmatic approach to it, I will fail, like most people do with their resolutions. So, instead I choose to look at it as if I am trying to improve myself in some tangible ways, even if it is incremental change.

Because I know myself, I will fail. And that’s okay. I’ll just pick myself up the next day, and try again.

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