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Of Side Projects and Artistic Jealousy…

Of Side Projects and Artistic Jealousy…

A few weeks ago, I posted an update on Scarlet Raven and Scarlet Phoenix. Well, I have a little secret. I’ve been working on other things as well. If you visit here regularly, or at all for that matter, you’ll notice I try pretty hard to put out new flash stories every week. Lately, I’ve been doing this in connection with my social media #NerdArt posts. Basically, I find images then write flash pieces based on them. I do occasionally miss a week here and there like I did with Labor Day. These pieces of inspirational digital art are, to me anyway, exceptional and practically scream stories at me. And, since I want a bit of variety, they include science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk and just about anything else that falls under the speculative fiction supergenre.

For the last several, I’ve also acquired the permission to reshare their art because I want these to be as collaborative as possible. For me, this makes me feel much better about sharing their work. And for them, they get a bit of recognition, justification and maybe even a little ego boosting.


I love this cover!

Another one of those things I’ve been working on is Eternal Assassin, an old experimental project I did as part of the Saturday Scenes group on Google+. (Yes, it still exists and yes I still hang out there. And no, I don’t work for Google.) Eternal Assassin has been a bit of a thorn in my side for a while. See, I never actually finished it. In fact, I left it hanging right at the pinnacle of the climax. So, low-hanging fruit and all, I decided to finish it. I wrote the last two episodes, bringing the total to thirty and just crossing the 37K-word mark. I plan on re-releasing this story in episode format soon. I’m not sure of the exact date. I have to have an editor go through the story first.


Speaking of Eternal Assassin… A friend of mine (wave at Cody Wagner!) recently got a new cover for his book. And DAYUM it’s sweet. I am completely in love with it and the style. As some of you know, I also do book covers (since I am, by trade, a graphic designer). My problem is that I am very much not a graphic artist. My skills lie in manipulating, not drawing. However, I was SO infatuated with Cody’s cover style and how it came out, that I had to do a little experimentation. I thought, “What better to way to test my skills than with than a project I’m getting ready to re-release?” So, here you go, my new cover for the edited and updated complete story: Eternal Assassin: The Forever Engine.


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