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Freestyle Friday: Swiggity Swaggity Swag for 5-3-2019

Freestyle Friday: Swiggity Swaggity Swag for 5-3-2019

Whoops! Missed the last two Freestyle Fridays! While I was on vacation for the first, I just kinda missed last week. I’ll try not to let that happen again. I’ve made a little progress myself on the #amwriting front, finished first draft up through chapter 36 and am almost done with 37 on Scarlet Phoenix. Also have a #20TweetTales set for next week. I think I’ve decided to use those for my critique groups. This should help with being concise and precision in storytelling.

Web Comic Highlight:

Punch Comic: ChairThis is a new comic that I’ve not seen before. I mean, the comic’s not new, it’s just new to me. There’s nothing too deep to this one, just thought it was amusing.








This one, however, is a little apropos of a discussion I had the other day with a fellow writerly friend. We were talking about beliefs and what not and had a nice talk about charlatans who pretend to prognosticate and (according to him) do a disservice to those who actually have abilities. I make no presumption on that, except that if you want me to believe it,  you gotta show me undeniable proof.

Free Books

Free Books!Free books are a little different this week. These books will become available on Amazon under free promotion tomorrow! Sorry, just how the promotional cookie crumbles!


That Farging Ice Hole!Scientists think they’ve solved the mystery of a giant hole in Antarctica’s sea ice

Not that this is terribly helpful in our daily lives, but it is interesting. So, there was a big hole in the Antarctic ice sheet. Like, the size of Ireland. And it’s caused by… An Ice Tornado? Yep, pretty much. That’s a thing.

New app tells when your smart speaker is spying on you

So, now we need an app to keep our other devices from spying on us? This is getting pretty crazy. I mean, I’m not sure Ridley Scott would have predicted that in Blade Runner.

Beam me up!The U.S. Navy will start taking UFO sightings more seriously

The truth is out there, and they Navy is keeping an open mind. Never thought I’d type that sentence.








Got a few extra NerdArt bits for you today, just because they’re that awesome. Don’t forget to click through some of the links here, some of these are parts of fantastic series.

Deja Thoris Redesign by Sarah Christina四大神兽之一 by wang dong feiB22 by Rafael MeloMorning City by Mark TeoSK-15 by Ivan Khotenov

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