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Freestyle Friday: A Roundup Stuff for 12-21-2018

Freestyle Friday: A Roundup Stuff for 12-21-2018

Welcome to Freestyle Friday, where I post a semi-random roundup of stuff, much of which I find cool, interesting, noteworthy or even appalling. Today we start with some free books from my publisher, Creativia.

Free books!

This week’s science:

Mars Express Gets Festive: A Winter Wonderland on Mars

In other words, Santa’s a Martian. I see the perfect mash-up movie now… Tom Hanks voices the Conductor in Martian Express: Houston, We Have A Winter Wonderland.


Astronomers Discover A New Class of Super-Earths

I think this headline should read “Astronomers Discover Super-Earths That Are Basically Giant Rubies!”


Rogue drones have brought Gatwick airport to a standstill

The shape of things to come? I expect anonymously-controlled drones to become a much bigger hassle over the next few years.


Congress Passes $1.2B Quantum Computing Bill

Somehow I feel like this is the President’s Mommy saying, “No, you can’t have any Wall. Eat your Science or you go to bed hungry.” Ha, I wish.


Discovery of recent Antarctic ice sheet collapse raises fears of a new global flood

I think Maynard James Keenan said it best in Tool’s song Ænema, “Learn to swim. Learn to swim. Learn to swim.”



Lastly for this week, here are a few pieces of cool NerdArt that I liked.

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