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Catching 40 Billion Winks

Getting the Han Solo-Carbonite Treatment Because Space is Boring Humanity’s first trip to a distant star is likely to be boring. I’m not talking I’m-so-bored-I-can’t-find-anything-to-watch-on-237-cable-channels-or-Netflix kind of bored. I mean stuck-in-a-doctor’s-office-with-muzak-and-no-magazines-with-no-escape-for-20-years kind of bored. Think of it this way, it would be like a cruise ship without the water, ports, …

*Archive* Science Fact-ion: Human Popscicles, a.k.a. Cryonics

Cryosleep, cryonics, cryogenics, space sleep… whatever you call it, freezing people for later reanimation has been a staple of science fiction for… forever. From Star Wars to Star Trek to Red Dwarf to Doctor Who and a whole slew more, humanity has had a love affair with the idea of …

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