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Freestyle Friday: Stuff, Stuff, Stuffy-Stuff for 4-5-2019

Freestyle Friday: Stuff, Stuff, Stuffy-Stuff for 4-5-2019

Well, this week went fast. And yeah, I wussed out and didn’t do a blog post for Monday. I kind of feels bad, but not really. I will try to come up with something for this next Monday though. Maybe share some comments on a couple spam emails? Maybe I can find something more interesting. Oh, I did do a 20TweetTales, which you can check out here. But you’re not here for that, you’re hear for the stuff!

Anyway, on to the goodies.

Web Comic Highlight:

These two comics are amusing to me. While my kids are grown, the first is still frighteningly relevant. The second, well… That one’s for anyone who just likes to have a little alone time, but never seems to get it.

Pirate Mike's The Perils of Parenting By Myself

Free Books

Books, books, booksIn which I share a much longer list of books that are on free promo from my publisher! Yay Free Stuff!

Addicted To Death by: Kerry Watts

And They Danced Under The Bridge by: John Bentley

Ashes to Ashes by: Joseph Mulak

Call of the Goddess by: Elizabeth N. Love

Halcyon Nights by: Jean Kilczer

Kiss of Life by: Brian L. Porter

Leather Apron by: Mike Covell

Only Twelve Days by: Eileen Thornton

The Howling Cliffs by: Mary Deal

The Keepers by: Dormaine G

The Knowledge of Love by: D.S. Williams

The Revealed by: Dormaine G

The Silver and the Green by: Mari Collier

Vampir by: John Reinhard Dizon

Wild Monsters Dance About by: M.J. Sewall




Image by Darwin Laganzon from PixabayPoverty leaves a mark on our genes

This is interesting and seems to hint at the idea of genetic memory. So far, this only indicates within the same person, but this is still an early study. I’ll be curious to read more on this as the research develops to see how much of DNAm has an effect on passed-on genetics. Kinda feels like this could be a little bit of a dystopic concept.


Climate panel disbanded by Trump, now regrouped, releases its report

This is pretty amazing and awesome. These folks acknowledge that the issue of climate change is so crucial that they continued the work even after they were dismissed from their posts. I have to give them credit and cheer them on. The truth of science can’t be covered up forever.


 The Military Is Mounting Laser Weapons on Tanks

Pew Pew… I see a future of point defense laser cannons, kind of the next-level Star Wars missile defense shield, if you will.


NASA: Debris From India’s Anti-Satellite Test Raised Threat To Space Station

I mean… did nobody see the movie Gravity? Sure, it was Hollywood, but the threat of debris in space interacting is very real. To me, this is supper irresponsible and screams of someone trying to announce their presence in space.


Finding this week’s NerdArt was quick, there’s so much good stuff. Also, click through some of the links here, some of these are parts of fantastic series.

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