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Freestyle Friday: Your weekly smattering of swag for 3-29-2019

Freestyle Friday: Your weekly smattering of swag for 3-29-2019

Another Freestyle Friday, that’s two in a row, woohoo! Hey, don’t judge. I get excited about the little things.

My week’s been fairly decent. Got to watch a baseball game with free food, so… Also had the second part of a short story I’m working on critiqued. A little more blood on those pages than I expected, but that’s good. I usually don’t get comments to increase the tension, but I did this time. I think it had more to do with the fact that I was trying to keep the story between 5 and 6k words. But, the story is a little bigger than that I guess. So, onward and upward (in word counts). Oh, I did get to watch Jordan Peele’s Us, you can find my thoughts on it here.

But, back to FF… Let the goodies flow!

Web Comic Highlight:

It's The Devil's PantiesI found The Devil’s Panties a while ago (hehe, see what I did there?) and I’d almost forgot about it. Thank goodness for bookmarks, right? This particular one is pretty much privilege in a nutshell. Not any specific type, but more like the entire concept as a whole. 

SpellingOh. My. God. This is one of the truest things I’ve ever seen in comic form, courtesy of Maximumble. When this happens, I literally feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone, because it’s pretty much impossible for me to spell words like Twilight correctly on the first try.

Free Books!

Yay, books!Everyone loves free books. Okay, not everyone, because some people don’t like books. But those people are wrong, and can go live in their wrongness on their own. But for those who like books, here’s some free ones for you, courtesy of my publisher Creativia, just for Freestyle Friday. Just kidding, I’m just letting you know about their freebies because I feel like you deserve some free books. These books will be available at these links for free today through April 2nd.

This Week’s Science:

Who doesn’t love science? Right? Oh, wait. I already did that bit. Oh well, here’s some nifty science for you.

LAVA CRICKETS!For these intrepid crickets, Hawaii’s lava is home sweet home

I’m going to be honest, with a name like “lava cricket” I was expecting something much stranger and exciting. But the real science isn’t exciting in the way most people think it is. This is mildly intriguing though. Could it have an impact on what kinds of life we might find in non-Earth environments?


EPA Science Panel Considering Guidelines That Upend Basic Air Pollution Science

I mean, come on. As someone who has real allergy/asthma issues, this is pretty insane. Do I now have to look forward to the day when the air itself actually tries to kill me?


Um, I think self-replicating robots might not be the best idea.Maybe Self-Replicating Robot Probes are Destroying Each Other. That’s Why We Don’t See Them

This is pretty much a SciFi staple. I mean, scientists should look to the fandoms for the crazy shit out there. Heck, Stargate did it twice with two different species of Replicators. Even the Bork might technically qualify.


Default Filename plays YouTube videos uploaded straight from the camera without edits

This is not explicitly science, but I feel like it could certainly be used for experimental purposes for the intrepid. Also, because it screws with YouTube, and that’s just funny.



And who doesn’t like NerdAr… Aw, shit. Whatever.

Cool art for Freestyle Friday, coming up.

222 by Su JianRum Captain Morgan by Francesco SavianoLast Day by Nana DhebuadzeRust Dogs Attack by Izzy MedranoOn the edge of the world by Aleksey Kravchenko


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