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FlashFic: Desperation

This week’s Flash Fiction is inspired by concept artist Jiwook Lee’s Busted.

In the Pitch Black of space, only Oobleck can save you

As a fan of science fiction and a wanna-be futurist, I like to think that someday in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future we will send out a spaceship designed to slowly carry colonists across the vast, empty stretches of interstellar space to a new world. This trip will likely take years, maybe a …

Weekly NerdArt Picks | 3-3-2017

Time for another Weekly NerdArt Picks! I’ve realized that I’m shifting later in the week. Not necessarily because I’ve wanted too, rather work has been busy. I shouldn’t expect that to change, so maybe doing this later in the week isn’t so bad.   Science Fiction Pick of the Week: …