What If Aliens Are Really…

alien-face-grey-so-long-ago-so-clear-hounslow-london-peter-crawfordAs a kid, I was always interested with the idea of The Greys. You know, those aliens with the triangular head, big-ass bug eyes and skin more pale and grey than a 500-year-old vampire? It’s really no wonder. I was a fairly avid reader of OMNI magazine. Though, to be honest, I’m not sure which one came first. I think part of my fascination was fostered when I read Whitley Streiber’s Communion, his “non-fiction” account of being abducted by Greys.

Anyway, I had developed an idea, a bit
of a theory (or a hypothesis, really) about the Greys, about who they were and where they came from. Now, it’s not something I’m a
true believer in, more like a wouldn’t it be really fucked up if…

But, as I grew up, that idea was kind of sidelined. Later, in my mid-20s, I read the first few books in Zacharia Sitchin’s series on ancient astronauts. Now, again, I wasn’t an ardent believer and nor was I looking for any kind of truth. I thought the idea was interesting, and still is to some extent. But I don’t necessarily believe that there were ancient astronauts on the Earth. In the same respect, though, I don’t NOT believe it either. I just think we have no idea and/or evidence. (As a person who tries to adhere to science as much as possible, I generally only believe something if there is ample evidence, but I also keep my mind open to things that are possible even if unlikely.)

the-12th-planet-book-i-9780939680887_hrFor those who don’t know, Sitchin’s belief, VERY much boiled down and simplified is this: Most of the ancient deities, gods and goddesses, were in fact aliens from another planet that orbits at the extreme limits of our solar system who came here to create a bio-engineered slave society by mixing their DNA with pre-human hominids. However, due to an ethical rift within their society, actual, reproducing humans were created. Over the next several thousand years, humans revolted against our alien overlords, forcing them to abandon the Earth (and pretty much removing any trace of themselves).

Whew. That’s a lot to take in. And sounds more than a little cray-cray. But, Sitchin makes some interesting, if not entirely anecdotal, points. Most of his points are quite easily explainable otherwise, but he makes them anyway.

Anyway, my hypothesis kind of goes the other direction: What if The Greys, are actually futuristic human descendants who have discovered time travel. But, after destroying the Earth’s environment for so long that they have physically evolved to look very different and can no longer procreate. So, they’ve come back to study their genetic ancestors to see if they can re-engineer themselves to have children again. That’s why all the probing.

Personally, I think my hypothesis is a little more crazy than Sitchin’s. Mostly because of the time travel aspect.

So there you have it, one of my craziest, weirdest thoughts… Out in the open. Do you have a weird thought or theory?

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