The Big Theme

Years ago, I attended my first Comicon. (Much too late in life if you ask me, should have tried to go sooner.) A large part of the reason I went was because I was really getting the bug to learn to write and decided to attend the panels of some published authors. The one that […]

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FlashFic: Briar

Story #2 in my Flash Fiction series I’m working on for the month of October, each one inspired by an image.    Alexa stumbled as another wave of nausea swept through her. She reached out and caught the cement support beam for the highway overpass above. The words from behind echoed in her mind, making the […]

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FlashFic: Alan and The Ice Ghost

So, this is the first in a series of Flash Fiction pieces I’m working on for the month of October, each one inspired by an image. I’m starting kind of late, so I’ve got some making up to do. Anyway, without further ado… Alan and the Ice Ghost.   Alan had done it. Finally, he’d […]

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Hipster vs. Adult Child

This is just a bit of a vent. My daughter said something the other day that kind of hit me like a slap across the face. She called me a hipster. What? A hipster? I’m not some 21st century beatnik who only listens to unheard-of music and avoids the “popular” like the plague. So, in […]

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SpecMisc on Twitter

24 hours ago
RT @io9: Harvard a cappella group honors John Williams with medley of his best scores.
WriterWilke photo
1 day ago
Friend's kid is doing a ukelalie version of system of a Down's Chop Suey! And it's awesome.


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