Weekly NerdArt Picks | 2-22-17

It’s time for the Weekly NerdArt Picks! A busy week at work makes me a little late on posting this week’s NerdArt Picks, but better late than never, eh?  Science Fiction Pick of the Week:   This week’s Scifi NerdArt of the Week Pick is Code R by Chandler-lieve from over at DeviantArt. I like this […]

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The Straight Guy’s Guide to Reading The Gay Teen’s Guide to Defeating A Siren

I know a lot of writers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging. No name-dropping. The reality is that I know a lot of writers because I work with multiple writing groups in Arizona and am a moderator at a local critiquing group. Most of the writers I know have not been published, and of […]

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FlashFic: New Gaea

I really liked this image from last week’s Nerd Art Picks. This one is courtesy of Ivan Malinin over at Art Station. Ivan’s pic instantly inspired me because of the interesting juxtaposition between the nude woman and the science fiction setting. It appeared to me that she’d clearly just woken from cryosleep/hibernation. And in my […]

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Weekly NerdArt Picks | 2-15-17

For the most part, my searching is kept to DeviantArt and Art Station. This isn’t for any philosophical reason, rather it’s just for convenience. This week, most of my picks ended up being from Art Station. There were plenty of other great works, but these are the ones I liked the most. I will say, though, […]

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4 hours ago
A White House Official Just Admitted The Real Reason For Trump’s Transgender Military Ban https://t.co/DnH33Zb1Nm https://t.co/eC2FkKHcV9 WriterWilke photo
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Score Your Sports Streaming Goals with FuboTV - Score Your Sports Streaming Goals with FuboTV  GeekFull coverag... https://t.co/0XmXVJukHN
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Stuff We Love: Think Geek's tempting Guardians of the Galaxy tiki mugs https://t.co/VP5OGBJZNU


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