Weekly NerdArt Picks | 2-8-17

So, I want to try to do something a little different. I’m going to head out into the wild Internets and grab my favorite geeky images for, curating them into a semi-weekly collection. I’ll start with three categories: Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror. I might branch out from there, but let’s start with that for […]

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The Wheel of Equality: Robert Jordan’s Interesting View on Women Through the Eyes of The Wheel of Time

So… I’ve just finished rereading the entire Wheel of Time series. The first time, I got through Book 10, Crossroads of Twilight, and then fell off the map of reading. Not because I was bored with it, in fact, I was chomping at the bit for more. That was somewhere around 2007. For those familiar […]

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Of Flying Cars and Space Planes

Despite having basically supercomputers in our pockets, cars that nearly drive themselves and being just a few years from robots doing almost all manual labor, getting into space is still very difficult and very expensive. However, that may change in our lifetime. According to a paper by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the EmDrive […]

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Once Upon A Time, I Went To See Doctor Strange

For the first time in a long time, I was able to take my birthday off from work. Of course, my birthday was actually on a Saturday, so I took the Friday before off instead. In celebration, my family took me to see Doctor Strange. (Well, my wife and son. My daughter has issues with […]

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SpecMisc on Twitter

24 hours ago
RT @io9: Harvard a cappella group honors John Williams with medley of his best scores.
https://t.co/1ykM9R6eIm https://t.co/lgrYH8A2rv
WriterWilke photo
1 day ago
Friend's kid is doing a ukelalie version of system of a Down's Chop Suey! And it's awesome.


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