Chapter 1: Get a Job — Chronicles of Tyria

Tide of Shadows is a serial story set in the world of Tyria, from the online MMOs Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. I participated in and won a short story contest in mid 2019 through the fan site, Chronicles of Tyria. CoT is officially sponsored by the game’s developer, ArenaNet, so I thought this was pretty cool. My prize was to be offered a position as one of their writers. And so was born the story of Captain Jos Blackfyre, the captain of the shipping vessel Hiraeth. You can get the latest episodes/chapters over on Chronicles of Tyria. The link below will take you there.

Captain Jos Blackfyre and the crew of the shipping vessel Hiraeth need a job. But, when her First Mate Nexx has a suggestion, she’s not sure that the quick swig of rum she had for breakfast is going to be enough.

via Chapter 1: Get a Job — Chronicles of Tyria

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