Truckin’ Along! Checking in on Scarlett

Heyooooo! It’s been a little while, so I figure it’s time to check in on Scarlett as well as the rest of my writing adventures.


Scarlet Raven

Scarlett’s darkened return is currently still in Beta. So far, I’ve received two of the beta reviews back. These reviewers’ comments are pretty invaluable, as they picked up on a bunch of typos and other utterly stupid shit, as well as some larger things that need a bit of touch up. Granted, the typos are the kind of thing my Creativia editor is for. Still, the more eyes that give me that feed back the better.

Fortunately, my fragile writer-ego is somewhat soothed, as the overall reviews were quite positive.  I’m hopeful, though, that I’ll receive more in the coming week or two.

Reception to the new covers has been overwhelmingly positive, too! This has me excited. Currently, I’m looking at having Scarlet Raven out in time for Phoenix Fan Fest. I don’t have a table for it or anything yet… Even so… CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!

Scarlet Phoenix

I am making solid progress on Scarlett’s third and final chapter. For a while there, I was actually churning and burning, putting out one to two chapters a week. Sometimes even more. Currently, I’m closing out the climax of the first of three acts at around 30k+ words. I’m estimating that’s about 1/3rd done, but that may change. Who knows. Things are really crazy for Scarlett right, and I expect they’ll only get worse as she learns what is really going on.


The BITE Anthology

So check this out… I wrote a new little thing. It’s not scifi, it’s actually closer to steampunk, and it was JUST published in the brand new The BITE Anthology, Book 1. My piece in this book is called The Clockwork Highwayman and it’s a tragic tale of love and vengeance. If you like adventure, steampunk, or fantasy, you won’t want to miss it. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read all of the stories in t his anthology yet, but since I personally know many of the authors, I can say with little doubt that if you just like great writing, you should definitely pick up The BITE.


A little piece of art one of the anthology producers made just for my story!

Check it out and get your copy here. It’s actually on a free introductory promotion RIGHT NOW! But, hurry, the promo ends tomorrow. Then, once you have your copy, read it and go give it a review!

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